Rainbow Bridge to Costa Rica!

Ever since I was a young child, just before my blossoming teen years, an affinity towards our brown skinned brothers and sisters started awakening within me. My grandmother had taken my sister and I on a cruise exploring the Caribbean and South America. The last stop on the cruise was Peru. For a brief moment my sister and I considered ditching our Passports as we knew this would prevent us from being able to get back on the boat. Looking back at my life, it is clear, that I was quite serious in that moment!

Evolving my life forward, I began reading books about Indigenous ways where I learned about vision quests, tracking, and our more gender balanced ancestral matriarchal societies. Through the years I have attended gatherings and joined with others to revive moon calendars, dance sacred ancestral dances, and remind each other of the times when there were priestesses and a flourishing sisterhood. I have engaged in earth honoring rituals and ceremonies where, stone, yoni, and moon magick meet! I enjoy mysticism, metaphysics, quantum physics, and most importantly, the universal language of smiling.

So much about life inspires and captivates me!

If you’re not following your Bliss, your missing the whole purpose of life.

But I’ll be happy to help you get on track…

Let’s start with a few, slow deep breaths… breathing in the following image…

Mystic Sunrise - Costa Rica

Mystic Sunrise – Costa Rica

… and exhaling all of your cares and concerns beyond the mountain tops…

More to come!

Summer Rose 🌹

Here I Am

I have been waiting for you…

Or maybe I have been waiting for me… 🤔

I have been waiting for me to give myself the time required to stop long enough so I could “feel. deal. and heal.”

As it is become quite clear, the hero’s journey… the healers journey… is not a simple staircase where we take one step up, ground, climb to the next step, ground, and repeat to infinitum, or whatever level we so choose.

The path forward (and backwards!?) often looks a bit more like the following:

We are left scratching our heads with every step we take.

But move forward we must.